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Frequently asked questions

How much is the course?

Details of courses and prices are found here. Group courses are £205 or private courses are from £305 per couple / individual. A deposit of £50 is required to secure your place with full payment normally required prior to the start of the course.

Will I have a pain free birth?

KGHypnobirthing cannot guarantee you a perfect, pain free birth, but it will always make a positive difference. Although many hypnobirthing mothers report a pain free birth or certainly less need for pain relief, every woman and birth is unique and there are a plethora of external and individual factors which can impact the path a birth may take. Hypnobirthing will give you the confidence and techniques to allow your body to do exactly what it was designed to do. It will help you to achieve the calm, comfortable birth which is best for both you and your baby, whatever the circumstances and your individual preferences.

What course materials am I given?

Before the course you will be sent Colour & Calmness, the pregnancy and birth relaxation CD or MP3 so you can start to practice and develop a positive outlook on pregnancy and birth straight away.

At the course you will be given The Hypnobirthing Book and a folder of handouts to support you during the rest of your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Does my partner need to come to hypnobirthing classes too?

No they don't. But a hypnobirthing partner can be invaluable during the birth. They will be knowledgeable and far more able to support you throughout the the whole process. You will be encouraged to practice the techniques we will teach you before the birth and many couples finds that this brings them closer together. It gives partners a key role to play and helps alleviate their fears and deepen their relationship with their newborn child. Please read the section for birth partners for more guidance.

Will hypnobirthing work for me if I come on my own?

Yes, definitely. Many women will come to the course on their own for a variety of reasons. Perhaps their partner is away on business, maybe you are a single mum or perhaps you have other children at home and child care is a challenge.Whatever the reason, just remember that KGHypnobirthing works, and you are extremely welcome. We would also welcome your mother, a friend, or whoever will be supporting you at the birth instead if that is an option. Whatever you choose, we will ensure that you have the resources and options available for the course to work for you.

What happens after the course?

As your KGHypnobirthing practitioner I will be available to support you right up until your baby arrives. Please feel free to email or call with any questions or concerns.

When should I do the KGHypnobirthing course?

I would recommend doing the course in the second trimester of your pregnancy, perhaps between 24 - 30 weeks. It is not so much a matter of learning facts so they are fresh in your mind, but more a matter of absorbing the information so that it becomes second nature.

If you do the course earlier, you get the benefits of KG Hypnobirthing during your pregnancy as well as at the birth of your baby.
If you are finding out about hypnobirthing later in your pregnancy, rest assured that it is never too late and I will help you focus your practice to help you get all the benefits of the course. Just remember, KGHypnobirthing works whenever you do it.

How many couples are in the group?

We have a maximum of 5 couples / mums to be in each class. We intentionally keep the numbers small to ensure we address the needs of all those attending as much as we are able. Learning hypnobirthing as a group gives you the opportunity to meet other like-minded parents; you can share experiences, ideas and benefit from hearing their questions. If you prefer a more individual approach, one to one courses are also available. In a private classes we can tailor the sessions to suit your particular needs or concerns, whilst still ensuring we cover all the relevant course material.

Can I book a private course?

Yes private courses are available. These can be either in the comfort of your own home or in one of a number of other locations, whichever may be more convenient for you. We will still cover all of the general course material, but private courses can be tailored to suit your individual needs and focus on the areas which concern you most. Prices for individual courses are from £350.

Is the course only for first time mums?

Absolutely not. Hynobirthing is suitable for everyone, first time mums and ladies who have given birth previously. The course can help women who are concerned about birth because it is an entirely new experience for them or for others where their previous experience was not as they had wanted or expected and this time simply want a calmer and, where possible, a more natural experience.

I am planning a Caesarean will hypnobirthing work for me?

Yes, the breathing and relaxation techniques are invaluable here and will always help to ensure that your birth is a more positive experience whether you are considering a vaginal birth or a caesarean section, and regardless what path your birth may take. Your choice to give birth by caesarean may have been influenced by any number of decisions. Even though this may not necessarily have been what you wanted or expected, this is still your birth and as such will still a be a beautiful and important moment in your life.

Hypnobirthing can help you prepare physically and mentally for a caesarean birth. During the course we talk, for example, about possible options for a 'gentle' caesarean which may be available to you and which you can discuss with your caregivers. All the tools and techniques you will learn will contribute to a more relaxed, comfortable and postive birth experience.

I am planning an induction, will hypnobirthing work for me?

During the course we will discuss the process of induction, the options open to you so you can be fully prepared and informed for your birth. A medical induction will inevitably alter your birth experience and labour with induction can be more challenging. In these circumstances, the breathing and relaxation techniques you will learn in the KGHypnobirthing will always help to ensure that your experience is a more positive one whatever path your birth may take.