The Reluctant Hypnobirthing Partner

Congratulations, you have found hypnobirthing and are excited that this could be the answer to all your questions. But are you struggling to convince your birth partner that this is the right thing to do?  


You are definitely not alone.  This can be a challenge and often partners come along just to show their support and make mum-to-be happy. But their perspective will quickly change.  


In the first session, we will explore the logic and science behind hypnobirthing and the reasons why it is so successful. This is the lightbulb moment where everyone suddenly gets it.  It is important to let this process take its time and allow birth partners to draw their own conclusions. That way the benefits of hypnobirthing can be even more powerful.


Consider sharing the following with your birthing partner before attending the course:

  • Welcome your partner's scepticism.  The course is worth doing and stands up to logical scrutiny.  Throughout the course we will urge you to question all the information you receive from various sources to ensure you make the best decision for yourselves and for baby.  It is important to do the same with hypnobirthing.


  • Partners who come to hypnobirthing classes say they want information but no-one is giving it to them. Partners have worries about birth too, even though they might not voice them freely. KGHypnobirthing is a full antenatal preparation which covers the birth process, your choices and how it all works.  This will allow both of you to alleviate your fears and negativity about birth. For more details on course content click here.


  • Fathers are often sidelined, but a well trained hypnobirthing partner is invaluable in the birthing room.  They are your constant throughout the pregnancy and birth and this is an important role to play.


  • And last but certainly not least, because a hypnobirthing dad has played such an important role in how their baby is born into the world, their bond with baby is strengthened too.

This video of actress Suzanne Shaw and her fiance Sam Greenfield is useful for partners to watch if they are apprehensive about joining the course.  Suzanne had her last child using KGHypnobirthing.  Sam was a sceptical dad at first, but thanks to the knowledge gained from the KGHypnobirthing course, his perspective completely changed. 

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