Benefits of Hypnobirthing

The many benefits of KGHypnobirthing are long lasting for mum, birth partner and baby.

For Mum...

  • Learn to relax, trust your instincts and work with your body

  • Feel more confident and more in control of your birth

  • Feel less need for pain relief & medical intervention

  • May experience shorter labour

  • Be prepared for whatever path your birth may take

  • Experience a calm, comfortable and positive birth

  • Experience less physical impact & faster recovery 

  • Learn skills for life

For Baby...

  • A calm mum can help baby even during complex or challenging times

  • A hypnobirthing baby shows less distress during birth

  • Baby will arrive in a more serene, relaxed environment which can improve neonatal Apgar scores

For Partner...

  • Play a key role in the birth of your baby

  • Have confidence in how to protect and support your partner

  • Gain an understanding of the physical birth experience 

  • Understand the options available to you as parents and feel empowered to talk to medical staff

  • Enjoy a strengthened bond with mother and baby

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